Does Valentus Slim Roast Coffee Work?

Does Valentus Slim Roast Coffee Work?

If you are like me, you’ve seen this Slim Roast coffee being advertised around & wonder whether it actually works. I actually have some friends who have taken the coffee & they have posted before/ after shots on Facebook.  So I’m assuming the coffee does actually help, although I thought I would give it a try myself so that I can see if Valentus Slim Roast Coffee does indeed actually work.

Below I have documented the results so far.

Does Valentus Work

Starting Point.

So to set the scene.

I am a male 38yrs old around 185cm tall.  Most importantly I am starting at a weight of 103.6kg @ 5.30am in the morning.  I know my weight can change during the day, so I am going to weigh myself at the same time everyday when I get up to do some exercise.

I work in in an office, so I generally have very little exercise during the day, so I tend to spend 20-60 minutes most days in the gym or going to a walk/ jog.

Day 1.  28/06/2016

So this was my first taste of the Valentus Slim Roast Coffee.  I must say the taste is a bit different.  What I did certainly notice is that I had increased energy for my exercise. I normally just barely make it through a jog, but today I was even sprinting up hills.

Start weight 103.6kg

Day 2 of Slim Roast

Day 2. 29/06/2016

Ok so last night I drank about 15 beers with a mate @ the bar & didn’t really get to sleep until after midnight. So my 5.30am wake up was a little daunting.  To my surprise I actually weighed 102.3kg today, I’m assuming that is through being a little de-hydrated from the beers of the previous night.

Once again I definitely felt like I had more energy in my exercise. To be quite honest a felt a bit crap this morning & probably wouldn’t of exercised except for the challenge here.

102.3 on the scales

Weight Loss Challenge day 3 on Valentus Slim Roast

Day 3.  30/06/2016

Ok So last night I had a few less beers (6).  So I must say I woke up feeling a lot better this morning.  At 5.30am I weighed in at 102.7kg, which is slightly higher than yesterday.  I think we can certainly put the 102.3kg from yesterday down to dehydration.  I’m not feeling the additional energy boost of the past 2 days, so maybe my body is getting used to the additives in the coffee.

Let’s see how we go tomorrow.

Valentus Slim Roast

Day 4.  of the ” Does Valentus Slim Roast Coffee Work ” experiment.

Ok So day 4  I weight still 102.7kg  so there was no drop in weight overnight, but hey it’s still early days.  I do feel a bit ‘skinnier’ & my girlfriend Joan is saying I look slimmer, maybe I’m swapping some fat for muscle  (I hope).  It was the Australian end of financial year last night, so I did have quite a heavy night on the beer too.

Let’s see how we go tomorrow.

0207 weight lost challenge

Day 5. 02/07/16

Today when I first weighed myself, I was 103.3kg  so I did it again a little later @ 102.7kg.  My girlfriend is sure that I am losing weight according to her. (or losing fat).  From my photo’s you can’t really see any difference on my stomach, but I did buy a pair of shorts 2 weeks ago that my girlfriend told me I should return, I can actually fit into them now.  I guess this means I’m losing some fat around my waist line.

Valentus Slim Roast

Day 6. 03/07/16

Today I had to travel quite early in the morning so I weighed in @ 103.1kg at 3.00am. This picture is taken after I had also eaten breakfast.  I’m wearing the shorts that I couldn’t fit into 2 weeks ago.  Admittedly they are still a bit tight, but I can button them up 🙂

Getting Skinnier

Day 7.  04/07/16

So yesterday I played golf & I hadn’t seen my caddie for around 1 month. She mentioned that I was looking skinnier, once again its not exactly evidenced by the scales @ 103.1kg this morning.  I noticed this morning that my belt has a lot of play in it, when 2 weeks ago I was comfortably wearing this belt (which is slightly large & I was wearing the last notch anyway).

Getting Skinnier with Slim Roast

1 Week since I started the test ‘ does valets slim roast coffee work ‘

Weigh in 102.7kg, feeling slimmer.  At this point I would say that this Valentus Slim roast coffee is doing something.  I can say that I feel more energy all day & I am 900g lighter than when I started 7 days ago.  I’m not going to say that yet that it is a miraculous product, although I haven’t been on a diet, I haven’t been doing huge amounts of exercise & I’m 900g lighter in 1 week.

1 box has 24 sachets so I am going to see the result after I finish this box.

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Day 9 of the weight loss challenge

Day 9. 06/07/16

After a spectacularly late night out, I had a 3.00am ride to the airport so I missed my weigh in at 5.30am.  I finally arrived home around 10.30am & weighed in @ 102.4kg.  I’m feeling a lot slimmer than the little amount of weight I have lost so far.  At the end of the day though 1.2kG in 9 days isn’t too bad.  I feel like I am on track to be back under 100kg within the next couple of weeks.

Day 10. 07/07/16.

So today the weigh in was about the same @ 102.8kg. In fact I am 300g more than I was yesterday.  Let’s have a look tomorrow.

Does Valentus Coffee Work

Day 11. 08/07/16

Today I’m still weighing in at 102.8kg which is a bit of a problem :).  So we are basically the same as yesterday.  I’m beginning to think that there is a correlation between the time I spend asleep & my weight.  Yesterday I only had 3hrs sleep before having to catch a flight & I must admit I was drinking beer from around lunch time until late in the evening.  Today I actually felt heavy when I woke up.  Essentially I had a pasta dish quite late in the evening & literally passed out on the couch afterwards. As we all know it’s possibly not best to eat just before sleeping.  Unfortunately if you work long hours, sometimes you can’t just eat when you are meant to & you tend to eat when you can.


Day 11 Valentus Weight Loss Challenge

Day 12. 09/07/16

So today we weighed in at 102.5kg so we are essentially nearly back to the weight I was after day 7. So today is no real different to any other day for me had a few beers last night & enjoyed a Japanese meal quite late in the evening.  This morning I just did a small gym workout.

Day 13 Slimroast Coffee

Day 13.  10/07/16

This morning I weighed in at 101.9kg, so this is the first time that I’ve seen a 1 on my scales for a very long time. One thing that I have noted is that I did have a very long rest last night, so I’m starting to believe that there is a direct correlation between how much I sleep & how much I weigh @ 5.30am when I wake up every day.  I must admit that I only had 2 beers yesterday & I had a huge Korean buffet lunch that ended around 3pm so I didn’t really eat much after that other than some Toblerone.

Day 14. 11/07/16

This is 2 weeks since I started using Slim roast coffee. I weighed in this morning at 100.8kg. So I’ve essentially lost 2.8kg in 2 weeks – not bad.  I don’t actually think that the coffee is ‘miraculous’ , but it essentially gives you more energy to exercise & it makes you not really want to eat heaps of food.  One thing I have started feeling today is a bit of a pain just below my rib cage, I’m not sure if it’s related to the Slim Roast coffee.

15 day weight loss

Day 15.  12/07/16

Today I weighed in at 101.8kg which is significantly higher than yesterday, I’m actually wondering whether it’s healthy to have so much weight fluctuation.  I actually ran the fastest 2.55km’s ever today averaging 4.17m per km, so I’m confident that the coffee has helped with my energy levels.

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16th day valets slim roast

Day 16.  13/07/16

Today I weighed in at 100.6kg  a whole 3kg lighter than when I started.  Today I didn’t take the coffee, due to trying to eliminate possible causes for the pain that I am feeling just under my rib cage.  What I did notice is that I didn’t have as much energy today during my normal 20 minutes of exercise.  I’m not feeling this pain in the morning, it seems to only be in the afternoon when I’m drinking a beer after work.  (maybe it’s beer  eek!!!!!)

Too early in the morning

Day 17. 14/07/16

Back up to 101.1kg today.  This morning I had to get up crazy early, the photo is at 3am. I didn’t have time to do my exercise before heading to the airport. I had time to get back on to the Valentus Slim Roast coffee this morning & it certainly does put you in a good mood. I’m beginning to think the pain that I am experiencing below my chest is to do with either beer or the vaporiser that I am smoking.

Day 18. 15/07/16

Well today I’m at 100.8kg & still having this slight pain in my stomach, so I’m thinking I may go to the Doctor at some point. This morning I managed to get 1km run in under 4 minutes, I must say it’s quite an effort.

Under 100kg

Day 19. 16/07/16

Today is the first time in a long time that I have seen the scales under 100kg.  I weighed in at 99.9kg.  I had a really late night last night, so no exercise this morning & the weigh in was a little later than usual.

Day 20 of the weight loss challenge

Day 20.  17/07/2016

So today’s weigh in was 100.3kg.  I had an alcohol free day yesterday & am feeling quite good, other than this heart burn that I’ve been experiencing.

Valentus Slim Roast Challenge.

Day 21. 18/07/16

So today is a bit of an anomaly I’m up to 101.4kg.  I’ve noticed that through the last 21 days that my weight seems to go up & down quite significantly.  I didn’t really eat late yesterday either.

Last sachet in the box

Day 22. 19/07/16

Today I have a weight of 100.6kg exactly 3 kg lighter than when I started. I’m drinking my last sachet of the first box of the slim roast, because my girlfriend gave some away to her friends. Yesterday I managed to get 3.35km of running without stopping, which is a personal best for me  considering I could only do 400m when I started jogging in the mornings in late May.

Before and After

Does Valentus Slim Roast Coffee Work?

I have tested this coffee (albeit slightly less than a box, due to my generous girlfriend) this morning I have weighed in at 99.8kg which is 3.8kg lighter than when I started not even 1 month ago.

I would say that the coffee does work.

  • It certainly does suppress your appetite, which I don’t know if it’s a good thing.
  • It does give you more energy & it makes you feel like exercising.
  • I had been exercising a bit before, although I was losing much weight. Although I have been working harder during the last 20 odd days.

I’ve added a before & after picture, I don’t think you can see much difference.  What I’m going to do is keep trying the coffee, but only post a picture after another box is finished to see if there is any massive difference.

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