Best Exercises for Weight Loss.

The Best Exercises for Weight Loss.

There are many different exercises & many different combinations of exercises available. Below are the activities that I have found to assist me with controlling my weight.

No1.   Swimming.

If you are like me & have started from a totally unfit state, I’ve found swimming to be the best exercise to start out. I found that I would be in significant pain, when starting doing other exercises so I reverted to swimming a few laps in the pool.

Obviously swimming has a lower impact on the body, so when compared to other exercises you should have less injuries than by starting out with something else.

The other benefit of swimming is that you don’t really sweat, because you are already wet.

Jogging to lose weight

No2. Walking/ Running/ Jogging.

The beautiful thing about walking is that we do it every day. Coupled with the fact that most phones now track how many steps you do in a day it’s easy to increase your output everyday, this is also a great exercise.

If you are like me, when you first have a run you will realise how un fit you are.  I only made just over 200m on the first day before having to slow down to a walk.  Over the first 6 weeks I managed to achieve 2km without walking & made a plan to achieve 1 extra kilometre per month there after up to 5km.  The way I see it is if you can run 5km without stopping for a walk, that’s pretty fit.

Cycling to lose weight

No3. Cycling.

If you saw me at my worst you wouldn’t believe me, but I actually mountain biked through the french & Italian alps in my late 20’s. Unfortunately 10yrs on I don’t think I’d get far out of the car park.

Currently I’m doing my ‘cycling’ in the gym.  What I’ve found with cycling in the gym is that I seem to sweat a lot more than with the running that I am doing. I’ve found that 30 minutes on the bike  instead of running for the day, makes a good break from the running & allows my legs to rest a little.

Jumping jacks to lose

No 4. Star Jumps (Jumping Jacks). 

This I find as a really good exercise that I do everyday after my run. I started with small weights in each hand doing 2 x sets of 20.  I’ve now slightly changed that & am running a stop watch to see how long I can go without stopping, with the aim of improving on that everyday.  So far so good.

In summary.

I know that people may disagree or would add some different exercises, but this is what works for me.  I think the key thing at the start is to not push too hard, so that you don’t get injuries & to ensure that you have some measure to continue to achieve more every day.

I have started several ‘fitness regime’s’ previously & have failed dismally. I think the key is to keep trying & remember that even a little bit of exercise per day is better than nothing.

I’ve also purposely left out typical ‘man’ training like bench presses etc.  This is because I find that whilst you build muscle & strength doing these types of exercises, you seem to get fatter after you fail.  I’m thinking of adding some weight training when I’m around my goal weight, but right now it’s more about moving the beer belly. (whilst still being able to enjoy my beer)

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