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The aim of Denjoa is to provide you with some interesting information about Weight Loss, Health & Lifestyle. We are constantly updating our website & also offer a monthly email magazine with a great range of articles.

Our philosophy is simple. 

We are just normal everyday people, who work normal everyday desk jobs & we are interested in living a healthy lifestyle. We are simply sharing the information that we have found on our travels & the real life results that we have achieved through experimenting with the weight loss, health & lifestyle advice that we have found online.

Below is a brief introduction to the content that can be found on our site & via our monthly email newsletter.

Losing Weight
What are the best exercises to lose weight.

As I’m sure you know, there are literally thousands of different workout regimes that are on offer around the world. We have looked at the best & have shared our experiences here for you to view.

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What natural weight loss supplements are available.

Personally I don’t like pills, lotions & potions. I’m the type of person that will sooner get my Vitamin C from fruit & vegetables rather than from a pill.  Although we have also looked at the more convenient methods of attaining weight loss supplements that work, without having to grow them in your backyard.

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What weight should you be for your height & age.

We know that there are several differing views on this, which appears to come from different areas around the world. We have tried to gain all this information & put it all in the same place so it’s easy for you to view.

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Weight Loss Health Retreats.

In recent times there have been many different options pop up for health retreats around the world. We understand that this is quite a good option for people, as it can be easier to break habits when you are away from your usual.

Having travelled extensively around the world & now reside in asia, we have shared some of the best locations around the world to experience a health & wellness retreat for all budgets.

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My Personal Weight Loss Journey.

I must admit I’m slightly embarrassed by sharing the information with the world, but I’m going to do it.  I’m your typical Australian male in my late 30’s who enjoys his beer, who is now living in the Philippines where the diet is quite different to what I am used to.  At my worst I was weighing over 106kg & I’ve now started to bring my weight under control. My target weight is around 90kg’s I will share this journey & detail exactly what I do to reach this ideal weight.

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